June 27, 2015

4 Apps I've Been Enjoying In June

1. Venmo
This app allows anybody to pay or request money from other individuals on their friends list. Just as long as you have a card to hook your account up to you're set to go. Whether you're splitting lunch with a friend or paying for rent. This is a very safe and easy method to transfer and accept money. 
I just now discovered this app and it's a game changer. I've heard about this app through a few of my friends but I never found the need to download it. I had to pay my boyfriend for rent and this came in pretty handy. It took 2-3 days for the money to show up in his account but it's a lot easier process than most payment transfer methods.

2. Ibotta
This app allows you to earn money by purchasing participating products from certain grocery stores. You can earn the money even while using your own coupons! You can also shop online for items from featured stores and earn money back! Once you get at least $10 gathered up you can either use Venmo or paypal to place it into your bank cards or you can place the money onto gift cards.

I had this app downloaded before but I didn't understand how it really worked. I then downloaded it again because i've been buying a lot of groceries this summer and well I'm making money from this app so I was pumped. I need all the money I can get this summer. 
3. Toy Blast
Matching game similar to Candy Crush! Rather than the Bejeweled type-game of matching you have the collapse type-game. There are objectives and levels that you must complete in order to move on
Every summer I'm always looking for games to play to help pass the time. It's a bad habit but it's just so addicting! I like this game a lot better than Candy Crush. I find more fun behind this game rather than Candy Crush. Super addicting and I can't stop playing it! It's a great time killer.

4. Cooking Dash 2016
This is basically Diner Dash but now you're cooking in the kitchen while also serving the customers. There are several different recipes that you need to remember but they're simple little recipes. Again, there are levels and you have to get a certain amount of money in order to pass the level. There are 5 different venues to complete.
 Alright, now this game stresses me out! I've never been really good at these rush type of games but this is so much fun! It gets really hard at times too. There are a bunch of steps needed to take for some recipes. Also, this game is gonna suck once I run out of gold bars to purchase the next venues. Anyways, this is a sit down and nobody bother me I have my game face on type of game.

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