June 27, 2016

DIY: Dog Flower Crown

Hello friends. I've brought to you a DIY flower crown. However, this is for your pets and not for yourself unless you want it to be. Now, lets get started!

Items needed:
  • Fake Flowers 
  • Foam Visor
  • Super Glue
  • Scissors
I bought my flowers from Michaels craft store. Choose any colors you'd like and make sure to change up the sizes of the flowers. You'll want some big and some small flowers. Go ahead and pop your flowers and leaves off of the stem.

 When you pop the flowers off of the stems there might be a little extra nub. You'll need to cut just enough to make the back of the flower fairly flat.
 Once you've trimmed the back of all the flowers arrange them onto your visor to get a good visual.
 Or place the visor on your dog and arrange them that way.
 Now start gluing those flowers away! I started off with the leaves first and then added on the flowers. I tried to alternate between big flowers and little flowers.
 I forgot to trim the little stretchy cord and realized I should trim it after I took these photos hehe. Trim to however you desire. Place on your dog and witness the cuteness!
Get some kisses from your sisfur ;)
enjoy :)

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