June 11, 2016

More Self Love

Recently I have come across several very compelling articles and videos online regarding "self-help" topics. As i've mentioned before, there are times where I look down on myself and feel as if I can be more than who I am today. Being unhappy isn't a choice that I choose when I first wake up. It just sort of happens?

Now, the world is constantly moving and changing and its going to keep moving whether we're ready or not. As each day passes by we learn from everything that we come across. The person that I am today is not the same person that I was yesterday and even tomorrow i'm not going to be the same person that I am today. Ingrid Nilsen put up a YouTube video today for her 1 year anniversary of coming out (watch it here) and what she was saying hit hard. She talks about being open to new possibilities and to not live in such a tight bubble. How living in the world of "I should's" and "I dont's"makes it so much more difficult to be who we are. We shouldn't feel obligated to be the same person for the rest of our life. We go through so many phases and we should accept all of those phases, move on, and have more self love.

When you don't love yourself other people have a hard time loving you too. It's really hard to fight off that inner voice inside of your head that is telling you what and what not to do and how you should and should not look. But you know what, you can do it! It takes so much bravery to choose to believe in something good. When we don't let ourselves be loved, we're denying ourself from happiness. Why would anybody do that to themselves? I'm not sure but i'm trying to figure it out as well. Only we can love ourselves as much as anybody else can. We are in charge of our lives and our own happiness. We are in control. It may not be easy and it may take a lot of work and self care but it is achievable. We'll have to make sacrifices but, we will make it.

I'm still learning. But i'll get there one day.
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