May 5, 2016

Where Are We Headed

I believe that I'm finally starting to accept the fact that I'm home for a good amount of time (only took me 8 months).It's been a very rough transition as you all may or may not know but I'm getting somewhere. I constantly ask myself who I want to be and where I would like to be in the next year, five years and sometimes even ten years. When I was younger I never truly understood why teachers would have us write goals down on a sheet of paper and keep it to ourselves to look over, but these past couple of years I've grown as a person and I've also learned a lot to finally realize just why exactly they have us do that

Creating a vision for ourselves helps us figure out just exactly what we want from life and what exactly it takes to achieve it. All it takes is 15 minutes with a pen and paper to jot down our goals. By doing this we are able to determine what exactly it is that we need to do to reach those goals. It will help keep us accountable to follow through with those tasks and not get lazy! Thinking into the future is a pretty scary thought. I honestly freak out every single time I think about it because it's full of uncertainty. However, if we set out goals for ourself, we will always have something that we're working towards. As long we take action towards reaching our goals we will always be moving forward. Reviewing our goals regularly can help us realize what your next step will be. Life is hard and it gets very frustrating when we don't see any progress towards your goals. The goals that we have written down is just like a stepping stone, it is a reminder as to how far we've come from to get from point A to point B in life. 
 As of right now my goals are a blur. I'm working towards them and I'm terrified of what comes next but I'm just trying to take it one step at a time. I would like to finish school, get into an OT program, move out of my parents house and start my life with my dog and whoever else is still with me at the time. 
 One last thing, make sure to never settle! We as humans tend to settle because we're simply afraid something better won't come along. We fear that were not good enough. Realize your worth and believe it or you won't attract something better. Inspire those around you and treat everybody with equal love and respect.

 Thanks for reading! See you all soon! -Nessa    

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