April 6, 2016

Escaping Materialism

Money can't buy you love and it can't buy you happiness either. Todays materialistic world has everybody itching to buy the latest technology, the trendiest clothes and whatever bigger and better things there may seem to be. It's so difficult for a lot of us to find joy in other aspects in life rather than materialistic aspects. It also doesn't help that everywhere we look there are messages about a certain item or a certain brand. They are either on the internet, billboards, television and even on blogs.

Anywho, what made me write this was that i've been noticing as I browse through Instagram, I have been noticing that plenty of people I follow post about their new trendy clothes, their newest technology, where they've been recently and so on and so forth. My question is why? Why must we share with the entire world what we're doing or what we bought ourselves? Why must we feel the need to get likes for everything that we own/do? It just makes no sense to me. Is it impossible to be happy alone? 100 likes versus 25 likes doesn't make you any better of a person. Just because you posted yourself in your new yeezy boosts lets say ... doesn't make you any cooler than the person sitting next to you.

Think back to when you were 10 years old. What made you happy then? There wasn't much materialistic influence on us quite yet. We'd probably get excited about going to the park and playing on the swings or even seeing a cute puppy across the street and probably wanting to go to the petting zoo at the farmers market. Think about the simple and small pleasures in life. It's okay to be "basic". I'd like to share a quote I came across a few years ago.
“Dreams shouldn’t be about what you can buy — they should be about what mark you leave in the world." -Claire Cross
Just do you boo boo. Also don't forget to be kind, love others and stay healthy. Thats all for now. Bye friends!

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