April 3, 2016

Unplugged and Unwind.

There has been so many beautiful days out here in California. I've been taking time to unplug from the world by turning my devices off and simply enjoying the day out. I bring my yoga mat onto the balcony, bring a book and a pillow and just lay there. Listening to the wind blow, watching the clouds pass by me and listen to the birds chirp away as the sun starts to set.

I believe that taking the time to relax is a very important part in life. Life is a big rollercoaster with plenty of highs and lows that we're constantly adapting to. We juggle responsibilities, fit a million things into one crowded work day and stress out about different factors throughout the day. Its just a constant go..go..go. We tend to just push stressful things aside and continue to let it accumulate until we come crashing down with side affects. Lack of sleep, muscle tenseness, excessive hunger and some anxiety (:

So go on and unplug from the world. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the beautiful life you live and enjoy the little things.

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