September 7, 2013

Emotions are tough.

Coping with certain emotions is quite a task for many people throughout the world (including myself). I'm not saying that I myself, have mastered the skill of handling certain emotions but I sure have learned a lot throughout my lifetime and I feel like I can give a bit of advice to others.

There are so many emotions that an individual can go through. But being able to process, and understand our emotions can help us develop as an individual and also manage our emotions more effectively. However, by using unhealthy ways to cope with certain emotions, it can affect ones relationship, lifestyle, and health.

One of the most difficult emotions people often tend to struggle with include being sad or depressed. But why is that exactly? We as humans tend to dwell on the most negative aspects in life and hardly ever think about or remember our positives in life. I don't really know why; but, that's just the way we as humans behave for some odd reason. humans are just plain out strange.
Holding onto negative thoughts in our lives just puts a little damper onto our lives. Think about the positives. Stay positive. Just be happy! Yeah, you can't control your emotions. But, you as a person can control the way that they affect you as an individual. There are so many different ways to cope with certain emotions. You can sing it out, write it out, dance it out, draw it out, scream it out, or just discuss your feelings with someone you're close with or even a stranger. Letting out your emotions are a great way to help cope. Although, it may sound silly and I'm sure a lot of you think that "nahh, I can keep it to myself... it'll go away eventually..." (at least I do sometimes). Letting your emotions out really does work. trust me! I have learned the hard way.

My mom has taught my siblings and I to be very head strong. We know how to take care of ourselves pretty damn well. So when it does come to a rough patch in life, I use to always bottle everything up. I would put on a smile for the world and convince everybody to believe that I was feeling 100% happy. But, whenever I got home, I couldn't help it but lay in bed hide under my covers, and just cry my eyes out until there were no more tears left to be shed. It took me such a long time to get out of such a depressed/sad stage!
One day, a good friend of mine was able to just crack my tough little shell and finally get me to spill out my emotions. I can't thank him enough for what he taught me. Not only did he teach me to trust people, but he also taught me that letting out your emotions is very beneficial (i miss you, RIP). Somehow by having someone listen whether its a living being, or an inanimate object: It literally helped out so so so much! Not only was I out of the depressed/sad slump stage much quicker, but I was able to view the world in a more positive aspect.

So next time you're feeling down in the blues. Pick yourself up off of that dirty floor and think of some positives. Talk to someone, write a song, dance till your legs are about to fall off. Just let go of whatever it is that is bringing you down and move forward! We as individuals can't grow if we're stuck living in the past. Life is tough, but we were placed on this world for a reason. Keep your head up, and just keep swimming!

-- xo Nessa

p.s. If you need a friend to talk to, I'll gladly be your friend (:! I'm a great listener and from what I've been told. I'm pretty damn great at giving advice also.