August 27, 2013

Makeup Review: L'oreal The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner

Hello all,

This is my first official make up review post here on my blog *grins and waves some streamers*. Let's get started shall we :)!

Well this here is the L'oreal The Super Slim liquid eyeliner which, is part of the infallible line. This retails for around $8.95 in stores. This claims to have a skip-proof, drag-proof, smudge-proof and also claims to apply smoothly and also dries quickly.

I have been using this product this past week. I've literally worn this for more than 12 hours and it has been pretty damn great! Might I include I wear all throughout class, lunch, golf practice, and even workouts and it doesn't budge one bit! Of course there will be some smudging, but besides that this is a fantastic product!

It's quite humid here at school and I sweat like crazy and I have awkwardly oily eyelids. The smudging rarely smudges upwards onto my lids. However, it does smudge towards the bottom of my eye. Making me look like a baby raccoon. I honestly think this is the only con that I must say about this product. I love everything else about this product! However, I believe the price is a little steep for a drugstore product.

The super fine felt tip allows you to create very precise lines. I recommend this product for individuals who like fairly thin lines for their eyeliner. Of course, you can just stack on loads and loads of lines on top to create a thicker line but that's pretty tedious. 

Overall, I give this product with an A! I highly recommend this product to anybody out there looking for a new drugstore liquid eyeliner pen :)

--xo Nessa