January 8, 2014

365 Photo Challenge - Week 1

Day 1/365  
I attended the 125th Rose Parade to start off the 2014 year. 

Day 2/365
Spent the day strolling around the valley and ate a veggie burrito from chipotle for dinner.

Day 3/365
Hiked up Runyon Canyon with my best friend. Wouldn't mind going back again sometime this year.

Day 4/365
Ate lunch at Kickin Kasian with my sister.

Day 5/365
I live in the living room whenever i'm back for break. I literally laid in bed (aka. the couch) and read the Hunger Games. I'm trying to finish both the first and second book before I head back to school.

Day 6/ 365
Played golf on a very very windy day and went out to eat at my favorite cafe in the Santa Clarita Valley! Of course I'm still reading the Hunger Games.

Day 7/365
Dinner with my mom and sister at Rincome. I ordered the Pad Se Ew.