January 21, 2014

365 Photo Challenge - Week 3

Hello all!

So far i've been pretty successful with this photo a day challenge. Since I am now back at school it's harder for me to lug around my DSLR. So majority of these photos are taken from my iPhone. Occasionally i'll be able to snap a few with my DSLR though!

Here are my photos for the 3rd week of 2014!

Day 15/365
First indoor practice of the 2014 spring season!

Day 16/365
First workout back with the trainer

Day 17/365
Snowfall and fur lined boots.

Day 18/365
Insta-packet coffee and some attempted studying! 

Day 19/365
Sundays are for glasses, messy buns and books

Day 20/365
Laundry day!

Day 21/365
Classes Canceled