January 25, 2014

Below Freezing Necessities.

Being from California I’m basically never in any weather below 45 degrees. On the east coast however, it’s been nothing but freezing cold! This past week it’s either been snowing or in the single digits with a wind chill. I've put together some of my essentials during these cold cold times!


Thick Winter Jackets& Coats
I have two somewhat winter jackets. I mean, I of course I have several layers on but these keep me the warmest.
Leggings & Pants
I’ve been wearing two layers on my legs this past week. I don’t own a pair of sweatpants nor do I plan to. So a pair of fleece lined leggings with a pair of pants over them is perfect! 

I love keeping my head and ears warm. I usually either throw on a bright and colorful beanie or just a simple one to sum up my outfit.
Long Socks
I also make sure to wear long socks to not only keep my toes warm but to also give some extra warmth to my calves. I then pair it with the next item on the list...

Fur-lined boots are the best when it's cold out. They don't have the best traction so be careful where you step or you'll slip. I've learned this from experience this past week haha.


My skin gets dry and cracked during super cold weather. So I make sure to moisturize right after I shower and right after I wake up in the morning. 

This is always an essential for me. I myself have a mini chapstick collection going on. But keeping your lips nice and moisturized is good to do as well. You don’t want dry and cracked lips either haha.

Alright we all know that during the winter time we all become extremely pale. My face ends up being one color and I look start looking like a walking zombie. I brush a bit of bronzer along my cheeks forehead and chin to warm me up a little bit. 

Hair Products
My hair gets super static-y in this weather! It starts flying everywhere and sticking to my face. It's just super annoying!  I usually add some defrizzing or moisturizing serum to the bottom half of my hair so that it stays in place.


Hot Drinks
Whether it’s a hot latte or hot tea. This not only a delicious treat but it’s also a great hand warmer!

There’s nothing fun to do when it’s freezing cold out. So laying in bed all bundled up in blankets watching random movies or TV series is something I do to get me through the day.

Like I said, since there isn't much to do out. Reading a good book is another great thing to do to kill time.

Well, that’s all for my cold weather essentials! Bundle up everyone and keep warm! Drink a cup of hot tea or coffee, cozy up under a few blankets and watch Netflix! See you all next time!