May 15, 2014

Update on life.

Hi friends,
I haven't written to you all in so long. Literally abandoned my blog like I always do haha (oopsie). So here goes nothing...

Wellp, since I last updated my blog nothing was really going on besides the crappy weather that was going on in Kentucky and boring indoor golf practices. However, once our first tournament came along time just started to fly by. I spent two and a half weeks in Florida, played 3 college golf tournaments, got my first ever top 3 collegiate finish (yay me!), and I even visited Disneyworld. Oh yeah, I also got really really dark meh. Anyways, after that practiced some more went to school like a regular student athlete would do. Same ol' same ol'
Then once OVCs finally came around the corner. My teammates and I were more than ready to take the OVC title. I so happened to get sick right when the tournament started and I had a really rough time making it through the first two days. I was cold, my head was pounding, I couldn't make a single birdie putt and it was all just a mess. I hung in there though and toughened out for my teammates because I knew that they needed me. We ended up coming in 4th and to be honest we probably could've even won the tournament if we all played a few strokes better. But, I mean thats how the game of golf goes of course. Overall, this years season was pretty good. I really couldn't ask for better teammates. Fab Five baby <3

Besides the college athlete stuff, there are some personal things that also occurred during my time gone. So, theres this guy I met last year and well things are going great. He's a great person and to be honest, nobody has ever really made me feel this way. I'm just really happy and I just don't know what to do with all the happiness I have within me (haha).
I also feel like I have grown a lot as a person this past semester. I've learned so much about myself, and also about life. I've opened my mind to new things that I would've never ever even considered before. I just feel like i'm starting to get a hang of things in life and for the first time in a long time... I don't feel so lost.

It's now summer time and i'm back home for the summer. I am officially a senior in college and it's scary that I am no longer a baby haha. 93 more days... and counting.