June 26, 2014

good vibes, good people, good days.

June 16:

So I went out three days in a row a week ago which is a record for me since i'm such a homebody. On the first day we went on a last minute trip down to Venice beach. My friends and I snapped a few pictures. There are also little street shows that get put on along the beach and I was just so happened to get dragged into one haha. My friend recorded a video of me during the show. They made us dance to "Single Ladies" haha it was pretty fun. Here are a few photos from venice
Jenny taking a selfie with Clarisse and I in the background. The water was actually warm this day and I was willing to go into the ocean haha.
I'm starting to become a beach bum (:
Stopped a random lady to take a picture of us with the cute palm trees haha. (Yes, jenny blinked)
For lunch we walked about a mile to Lemonade. It was my second time here. My friends wanted to try it.
I got two entrees - The broccoli entree was delicious (i'm obsessed with broccoli) and the pesto pasta was yummy as well. I also got the white truffle mac& cheese.. UGH, so good! As for my drink I got the watermelon rosemary lemonade. bomb.com

June 17: 

I took Clarisse and Jenny golfing! They've been my best friends since high school and they have never seen me golf. Apparently, when I go pro I'm buying us a house haha. I literally couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was trying to teach them. It was a lost cause lol. (selfie in the golf cart^) Watch them struggle: 

Jenny is up first. Check out that form though. 
... next up Clarisse!

Trying to teach one another their awesome golf skills.
Another group photo <3

After golfing we came back to my house and baked blue velvet cupcakes.
They were so good! I got too excited to take a nicer picture. I topped it off with just plain ol' vanilla frosting. 
For the rest of the evening we sat around,watched some of the World Cup then went to a $1.50 movie in North Hollywood where we watched Neighbors. 

June 18:

I hung out with my other best friend Jason, his bestfriend Nikki, and his girlfriend Rae. We basically drove around, ended up at a mall, then went to go eat dinner. This was my first time ever at boiling crab. I've been to a place similar but it was pretty good!

I skipped out on dessert because I was way too full from the Boiling Crab. We headed over to this boba place (I can't remember the name oops). Jason ordered a Mochi Waffle which was interesting but tasty.

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