November 1, 2014

Halloween: Say Boo To Drugs

Happy late halloween!

It was a cold gloomy rainy day out and I feel like every halloween is like this no matter where I am. Today I biked to workouts in the freezing cold and decided after that i'd go have breakfast at Alumni where I munched on cereal and oatmeal. I loaded a few loads of laundry and after that I made my way over to class. There were about 10 out of 30 people that showed up in class today, all we did was talk about a powerpoint which we finished in basically 30 minutes. Majority of the time I was online window shopping haha. By that time we got out it was 12:00PM, I biked over to ADUC and had lunch with Linnea and Andrea. But, they left me after like 5 minutes to go to class so I just sat there for 10 minutes and people watched. I saw some really strange costumes... one dude was dressed as the single ladies dancers and he was even wearing heels. Not to mention it was about 40 degrees out and there wasn't much to the outfit but, you work it boo boo ;)! After that I biked home and looked for what all to do in New York for Thanksgiving break. I must say I am really really excited and I can't wait to get there! Midway through that I ended up falling asleep with my laptop on my chest haha. But, by the time I woke up It was almost time to help out with the Say Boo To Drugs Treat Fest. Before doing that though I met up with Linnea and Katie and Alumni for a very early but quick dinner. 

The Say Boo To Drugs Treat Fest was interesting. This was the first year that me and my teammates had volunteered for this event. Majority of the time I was helping people out but I was able to snap a few pictures. I for the most part handed out wristbands to the cute little trick or treaters! I then made my way over to where the main event was being held. I was a door monitor haha, and all I had to do was make sure people didn't go through these two doors and that the exit was further down. I ended up quitting though and I made my way towards the volleyball game. By the time I got there we were leading 2-1 going into the 4th set against Belmont (No.2). Sadly, we ended up losing the game but it was a very close match. 

I biked back home and continued to browse for more places to see in New York. I tried to listen to Taylor Swifts new album and I wasn't into it. I've never really liked her but I gave it a shot at least. After that I grabbed a bowl of cereal and jumped into bed. Since I'm going to New York I thought I'd go and get inspired by watching some Gossip Girl on Netflix haha. I stayed up till 3AM watching until I finally decided to fall asleep. Watching series' on Netflix is addicting!

Well, thats all that I did for Halloween. What did you do? 
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