November 25, 2014

My Coffee Monday #1

Hello friendliest friends!

Yesterday was an interesting day I was feeling pretty antisocial for the most part. Well, I woke up to Gary rummaging around in the room as he got ready for work. Once he left, I too decided to get ready. It's workout Mondays with the team. This is my favorite workout of the week however, when my teammates and I got to the workout room none of the trainers were there. We sat around for a bit and waited but nobody showed. We all decided to head over to Alumni for breakfast where we chit chatted for about an hour. I ran back to my room, looked over a few things for my test and headed over to starbucks. I grabbed myself a tall pike with 2 splendas and some 2% milk. I decided to sit around in the dining hall for about an hour before I ran around campus to do a few errands.

While I sipped on my coffee and looked over some notes for my classes a few thoughts came to mind. For one, I don't understand people and two I may or may not be a little overdramatic when it comes to certain things. I've always been a bit of a sensitive soul and I take a lot of things to heart. So, I may overreact to certain things that people tend to do.
After my two classes and an exam I headed back over to the dining hall where I browsed through other blogs, thought more about life and listened to Betty Who's most recent album. I left my room key at Gary's house so I eventually made my way back to his house to grab my keys. By the time I was done being a lazy bum it was time for me to get ready for a pre-thanksgiving dinner at coaches house. Ran back to my room, grabbed a few outfits and changed in a public restroom. I rode with Sarah and Jeanette out to coaches and we had some pretty good conversations about just how our day went and our feelings haha.
Once we got to coaches house we all talked in the living room for a bit before coach called us all to dinner. Todays menu consisted of: turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, broccoli cheddar casserole, mashed potatoes and some salad. I grabbed a plate and piled up some food and munched away. Dinner was so good and I didn't want to stop eating. Home cooked meals are the one things that I always miss about home! Anyways, for dessert coach had apple pie, white cake with frosting and ice cream. I decided to go for the warm apple pie with ice cream of course but eventually, I ended up grabbing myself a mini slice of cake. I mean why eat a little when you can eat a lot haha! After that we all gathered around the table and laughed a lot. This put me in a much better mood.

I came back home to Gary playing solitaire like the little grandpa he is <3. After he beat his game (with cheating) we decided to play other card games. We played spit at first where I beat his ass and then we played egyptian war where he beat mine. We're both sore losers so you can only imagine how intense our games were lol. I forfeited eventually cause I was just getting super mad. We finished up the movie that we didn't finish last night 'Definitely Maybe'. It's one of my favorite movies so i've seen it a million times before. I ended up just falling asleep as he finished up the movie. I love him.

I go through spurts of being antisocial. They can either last a day a week or maybe even a month. I love being alone a lot of the times and well doing this today felt really really good. It's been a long time since i've done this 'antisocial' thing that I do. I feel like i've kind of forgotten the things that I do for myself that makes me happy and being alone is one of them. I also have been singing a lot more lately which is another thing that I enjoy. I've been so caught up with all of the joy from my actual relationship that I haven't really needed to do these things. But, the happiness i'm starting to realize that my relationship gives me isn't the same happy that I am able to give myself. Don't get me wrong though, i've never been more happy in my entire life. I literally can't ask for anything else in the world. k, be-yeh

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