November 26, 2014

My Plans for Thanksgiving Week

Hello again and happy holidays!

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. Not only are there so many things that I am very fortunate and grateful for but I also am able to spend quality time with my family. Since i've been in college for the past three going on four years I've been spending my Thanksgiving around the East coast.

My freshman year I went with my sister and two of my teammates to Lebanon, KY. We ended up staying with one of the boys on the men's golf team. This trip is my favorite away from home Thanksgiving so far. As crazy as it sounds... I learned how to shoot a gun! We shot at clay pigeons and boy was that a blast. I mean, I wasn't very good at it but still I had a lot of fun trying. His house was so beautiful and his family was very hospitable. We spent the actual Thanksgiving day at two homes, his aunts? and his grandmas place where we ate a bunch of food! Also, this was my first time I went Black Friday shopping which I immediately regretted haha. Never again I say.

My sophmore year I went home with my roommate. Where I basically sat on my ass all day while I stuffed my face. During my junior year I also went home with my roommate except I decided to spice it up. Another girl on my team and I decided to take a trip down to Cincinnati, OH after actual Thanksgiving day. Here we went to the aquarium, read books, ate indian food, drove around the city, watched an orchestra and ate some more. I love traveling so this was a such a blast to explore around a city with friends.

This senior year I'm spending Thanksgiving with Gary and his family and then we're going on an adventure that i'll talk about here in a little bit. His family is coming down to his house and we're going to have Thanksgiving dinner. After that we're driving to Ohio to spend the night at his aunts house I believe and from there we're driving to New York! I've always wanted to go and I can't wait for what all I'm going to get to see and do. Did I mention that the hotel we're staying at is in the heart of Times Square. Yeah, I'm super duper excited :)! This year might just be the best Thanksgiving ever. I'll make sure to blog and post pictures about it too so you all join us on the adventure.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?

Happy holidays again and I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving this year! Eat a lot and wear stretchy pants haha. Also, be safe with your travels! That's all for now. Bye friends.
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