February 16, 2015

I got a Corgi puppy!!!

 Hello friends! I have a new family member that i'd like for you to meet :)

This is my new puppy Lily <3

So, this past week I was in California on a golf trip and I so happened to catch the flu (I'm still having symptoms and its been a week...). Anywho, I got back to school on Wednesday and my fever spiked up to 103. Gary was "in a meeting" so he couldn't take care of me for a little while. Anywho when he finally came over he came to my room with this sweet little thing! I was so excited but I was also so sick that I couldn't express my feelings. I can't believe he got me a freaking corgi puppy! She is literally the cutest thing known to mankind! I am soo soo soooo in love with her! Thanks Gary <3

I made her an Instagram if you'd like to watch at her cute little puppy self grow up - @lilydelcorg
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