March 16, 2015

Florida Trip - Day 2

Today I woke up at 9 to make myself some breakfast. I had a some oatmeal with brown sugar and one scrambled egg. I also made myself a PB&J sandwich which I was dying to eat haha! We anticipated on leaving the house at 10:30 but we ended up leaving a little bit later because we had a few errands to run before practice. Coach, a few of the girls and I all went to walmart to grab what we needed. I ended up not buying anything and just basically went because I was bored. After that we headed back to the house, picked up the rest of the girls and loaded up the van.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the golf facility that we were practicing at today. We went to Orange County National today. This is my favorite practice facility, like if I were to go pro (which i'm not planning on) I would love to practice in a facility like this every day. First I did a few putting drills: one for my putting stroke, another one for practicing 3-4-5-8 footers and then a spiral drill. This took about an hour. After this we went over to the range where I hit a little bit of balls. I've in and out of sickness lately and well my golf swing has been feeling very weak and not too solid so I'm having a hard time committing to the golf ball. There were a few sour apples today and i'm not quite sure why. All I want to do is enjoy my time here and just live life. It's my last year of college golf and I want it to be even more fun as it has ever been. But it's not like i'm making my hopes really high. Anyways, after hitting on the range for about an hour and a half and struggling to find out what exactly I was doing wrong I headed over to the chipping facility where I practiced a variety of shots. I was only here for about 45 minutes until coach came up to me and asked me to play the short course with her.
So, we started playing on the short course and I had her look at my swing, basically my alignment is a little off, I'm throwing my club out down the wrong swing path and sometimes my shoulder starts my downswing. Now if you know anything golf all of this equals my golf ball going everywhere and anywhere.. So from that i've been having a hard time committing to my golf shots. Anywho we played all 9 holes and as we kept playing my shots started to feel a little more and more solid as we went through. By the time we finished it was already 6 o'clock. We've been here for 6 hours already... talk about a very long day.

We drove to a grocery store and all of us bought our own individual dinners. Some of us chose to cook and others just bought pre-made food from the store. After this we headed home and basically just hung around. Coach invited us to go to Downtown Disney but majority of us are way too tired. I made myself chicken noodle soup, and pesto pasta (weird combo I feel like). I called Gary and we talked about the future and grad school and what not. To be honest i'm not scared of what the future holds for us. I think the two of us will be just fine if we do end up having to go different directions for school.

Well, thats all for now. Bye friends, see you later.

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