July 24, 2015

I'm 22! -- Birthday Wishlist

So I recently turned 22 on July 16th! Boo for getting old! Anywho, I put together a mini birthday wishlist because why not right? Each photo has a link when you hover of the photo!


1st Row
1. Corgi pillowcase - here
2. New York tapestry (medium) - here
New York Tapestry3. Chain ring in silver (size 8.25) - here

4. Chain ring w/ gem in silver (size 8.5) - here
2nd Row
Chain ring - Etsy5. Clear cosmetics bag - here

6. Tangle Teezer in gold rush - here
7. Dainty heart necklace in sterling silver - here
3rd Row
8. Purse - here
9. Nike Pegasus 32 in grey - here

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