October 19, 2015

What Makes You Happy?

On a real note answer this question for yourself. What truly makes you happy?

Ever since I have moved back home I've had a very very difficult time getting back into the swing of things. I mean I have my bachelors degree, I'm taking prerequisite classes for grad school, I found a job within a month of moving back home and I now live with my parents...again. It doesn't sound too bad but things just really don't feel right. I have never felt more lost and confused in my life before and I can't seem to get a grip on what exactly it is that I need to do to feel somewhat better about things. I'm at a crossroad.

I feel like while I was at school I was just constantly moving forward in life and now that I'm back home I feel like i'm stuck or that i'm going to fall back in life or that I'm just going to get caught up. Obviously I don't want that to happen. Now the questions that I've been asking myself all come down to one thing. What makes you happy Nessa? And to be entirely honest, I'm not quite sure what makes me happy. I have a very strong feeling in my gut that I need to get away and just go live life somewhere far away from what has been known as home for my entire life. Home just doesn't feel like home anymore. Home is somewhere else and it's waiting for me to come and find it.

There will always be two different options throughout our lives. You either do it something or you don't. So cheers to figuring out life. I say do what makes you happy regardless of anybody else's opinion. If they think that it's a dumb and stupid idea who cares! That is one person out of billions of people in the world. Do you and don't let anybody throw you off track. Enjoy your life. Make sure to stand up tall and prove to the world just how amazing of a person you can be. Choose to never be average but to always be extraordinary.

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