February 15, 2016

Valentines Day Sucks

I've never had an actual Valentine so I guess you could say that I've always been salty about it. I've never been a fan mainly because I believe that it's a dumb "holiday". Here are a few of my complaints...

  1. Why is it today you send extra love to your "valentine". You should love that person and spoil them just as much every day... This day doesn't make it an exception to spoil them!
  2. Chocolates and roses doesn't make you more special its more so just cliche.
  3. Women deserve to be treated like a queen everyday. (same goes for men which brings me to my next point)
  4. Why are women/girls the main ones who get presents? What about the men/boys, they deserve presents too!! They have feelings and want to be loved.
If someone out there is ever to treat me special on Valentines day .. don't expect me to be surprised. It's cliche and if it's really that special you'd do it out of the blue because well quite frankly you love me or appreciate me that much. I deserve to feel special and loved everyday and quite frankly so do you. Never settle for the ordinary always shoot for extraordinary ;)<3

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