January 7, 2015

My New York Trip.

This post is very long overdue. So i've posted before about how during Thanksgiving break (yeah... thanksgiving) I was going to go to New York with my lovely boyfriend. I got pretty lazy on touching up on the photos so I just never blogged about it. So here I am, with a few photos that I thought i'd share with you all.

Now, we weren't here for very long but gosh I sure did have a lot of fun! We started driving to New Jersey on Friday around 6:30AM.
We made a lot of stops because the windshield fluid for the wouldn't spray onto the darn window!! Since it was snowy in a few places there was some oil on the roads which, got onto the window and made it really hard to see :(. We managed to pretty well though. (Gary don't get mad at me for posting this picture haha)
We finally made it into New Jersey around 2 o'clock. We parked our car, bought our train ticket into the city ($30 round trip), and then we were off for our fun mini vacay.
Gary has already been here before but this was my first time. So once I stepped outside of the train station I was literally blown away. New York is amazingly beautiful! Its so much prettier than the way Los Angeles looks. I fell in love immediately with New York right then and there. Anywho, we had to walk a few block down with our luggage to reach our hotel. There were loads and loads of people since it was Black Friday. What a good day to walk through Time Square huh? We finally got into our hotel and laid down for a few to relax. Traveling sure does make you tired! After about 30 minutes or so we put on our coats and hopped out back into the madness. We mostly just walked around Time Square and explored the city. We started getting hungry though around 10ish I believe. Now, before coming here I Yelped a few places on where to eat and I found a few places but there was this one place I was really dying to go to... Carmines... On Yelp you're able to make reservations but I wasn't able to get one. So as we were just strolling around the street there it was... Carmines! Haha, I had no idea that it was here how weird. Anywho we walked in to see if they took walk-ins and they did. The wait was only 45 minutes so we sat at the bar and hung out until our name was called.
I'm not quite sure what we got but, OH. MY. GOSH. was it delicious! There were roasted potatoes, spinach, chicken all drenched in some lemon butter sauce from what I can remember. It was their special of the day. It's supposed to feed up to 4-5 people or somewhere along those lines and Gary and I almost finished the whole thing! Literally, we couldn't breathe. We walked around for maybe another hour until we decided to go back to our hotel room.

We set an alarm fairly early for Saturday morning because it was basically our only day to explore the city! I was determined to see the sunrise from our hotel and well it was ... (photos can't do it justice)
We laid in bed for a little while longer before we got ready for the long adventurous day ahead of us. We were able to conquer a lot of New York in such a small period of time! It was so much fun.
First up..
... The New York Public Library!
OOTD: Dress: Boohoo, Tights: Not Sure, Boots: Boohoo, Coat: Gap, Purse: Michael Kors, Scarf: Not sure

Next up...
... Grand Central! We grabbed some quick brunch while we were here. We then took a train to...
 ... Central Park!
 We found a castle!
My favorite photo of the trip <3
We grabbed some soup from the Boathouse (which isn't in any of the pictures lol). It was freeezing out!
For the rest of the day we just continued to stroll around...
The Halal Guys.... omg, it's REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!
Rice to Riches...
 mmm, overpriced rice pudding... but pretty good
We got there too late :(
yummy but not as good as in-n-out haha :)
Oh yeah.. I lost my phone but I got a new one while I was in New York. 

Overall, I had so much fun in New York. I can't thank Gary enough for taking me on this amazing trip that i'll never forget. This weekend was one of the best weekends on my life. I can't wait for more adventures. I hope you all enjoyed all of the photos! I also hope you all had a happy holiday! Happy New Years!!!
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